Saturday, May 12, 2007

Reminded once again that my existence is barely tolerable to certain 9 year old...

The setting: Huge indoor pool hosting a high school water polo match and way too many babies in swim diapers. Humid & noisy. On my last nerve.

Mimi comes running over, drips cold water all over me,grabs goggles from the bag to the left of my chair, and puts them on. Looks at me while working her face to make sure the huge goggles are fitting tight enough to make her eyeballs pop out.

Me: "Mimi, have you seen your sister lately?"

Mimi: "Yes, she's *mumble* in the *mumble*-tex."

[Scooting away, trying not to run.]

Me a little louder: "She's playing with a boy named Tex?"

Morgan whips around and screams after throwing out her skinny little arms: "She's playing in the VORTEX!!!!!!"

Oh boy. The teenage years should be interesting.




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