Saturday, May 05, 2007

My To-Do List Gets a Little Shorter

I am a slug. Today is a mental health day. It is 1:16pm and the only times my feet have hit the ground this morning were when I got up to get 2 diet cokes, a peanut butter sandwich and to use the bathroom. Dozing, reading, watched the two hour episode of Grey's Anatomy online (more tears...what the hell is WRONG with me!)and general wallowing. Good thing I'm not allowed to do this very often. Would probably stay here a few more hours except I can't stand myself anymore and the Princess requested me from afar and I must do her bidding.

And then there's THIS tonight; I will be crossing off something I added to my "to do" list way back in December. There will be running and beer and flour and/or toilet paper and funny names and rude songs. From what I hear. Oh, and hopefully laughing.

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