Friday, April 20, 2007

The One Where I Talk About Getting Naked

Ha! Got your attention! I will talk about getting naked. But not like you think. Soon.

Since this is also a training log...I've been putting some time in on the pavement and the pool. And the results are starting to show. Thank God. But my swim coach has taken his torture to a new level. It's called Active Recovery. Which I've heard used with swimming and running. Doesn't really apply to my running since my "fast, tempo" running is pretty much the same speed as my "long, slow distance" pace. So, there's really no need for "recovery" from a fast heartrate. (However, I can't expect to get any faster with that method either...but at least I'm moving!!!)

So, Active Recovery. Does not mean hanging in the pool gutter panting for chlorine-laden oxygen like I would normally do after a set at 80% effort in which a hairy-speedo clad person sharing my lane, swimming the SAME PACE I do, attempts to outswim me. NO! Active recovery means after swimming hard enough for green and red spots to form at the bottom of the pool due prolonged oxygen deprivation, I get to the wall, listen for the coach to yell out my time to let me know if I've made my interval (yes, I did 100% of the time thursday, yay me!)and immediately head back down the lane for a "recovery" lap. Crap. I much prefer gasping while hanging off the side of the pool with my face as red as the swim cap I wear. Coach says "NAY-NAY". Off you go. But I believe I will get faster. And those green and red spots are kinda pretty.

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Damn! I have a lot more naked comments than I do for swimming - especially swimming where there's a "coach" involved. The last time anyone "coached" me in the pool, I was 16. And the coach's name was Vesper.

3:38 PM  
Blogger Nicole said...

Just stopping by to say "hi"!

Just write, just write, just write.

8:04 AM  

P.S. Your link to Greg's blog doesn't work. You have two extra "slashes" in there.

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