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Things That Make You Go "Gah!"

That is my new favorite written expression of disbelief, disgust, frustration (check the thesaurus there must be more) courtesy of Jen Lancaster (can't get enuf of her and am dangerously close to stalker material). Shh, I've already wrote a stalker letter titled "I am not an asshat". You have to read her to get that so buy her book or at least check out the jennsylvania link. Surprisingly, I have not heard back from her.
I snuck away at lunch to my fav chinese buffet (effectively wiping out any much needed calorie deficit I earned this morning) and read 2 very interesting things and one thing that made me laugh out loud.

First: Frazz came through as usual and made me laugh. I'm a word geek.

Second: From Outside magazine: sorta a guy mag but there's some exceptional writing and outstanding photography that's probably not getting the exposure it deserves. I am an adventure geek (who's afraid of heights...whatever).
This said by the wife of a great guy who used up his life too young: "But, Mark, there are so many ways to lose your life besides dying." Indeed.

Third: An article from the "Forum" section of the USA Today (I know, I know...but I didn't buy it; it was there when I sat down) discussing the season premiere of Survivor-Segregation Islands. I should probably have more of an opinion on what this means and why this is blowing up in their faces. I probably should boycott to make my little stand that this stunt won't entice me to watch it, thereby justifing this stunt to boost ratings. I's a game. And the contestants volunteered to participate for the chance to win a TON of money (I was going to say more money than I can shake a stick at but given the chance I'm pretty sure I'd do a bang-up job of waving the stick all over the damn place - triathlon's an expensive hobby). I just don't think racism is a game and I think this is just another example of how segregation, or the theory behind it, is becoming accepted again in our society. Here's an example, "The Nebraska Legislature created three school districts in Omaha designed along racial lines with whites, Hispanics and blacks receiving their own districts." In 2004!! Double GAH! I don't even know where to start...
And, no, I didn't make a fuss when they did the boys vs girls version. Mostly because I figured the girls would kick ass. But I didn't watch it either.

Thanks for reading another episode of "Erin's Soapbox".



As a HUGE fan of "Survivor" I feel I should say something. Yet I'm at a loss. Clearly the producers wanted to "stir the pot" and create a little more interest. Is that wrong? Does the end justify the means? I don't know.

Do I think it's racist? Actually, no. Although I honestly don't see the reasoning behind it. So they put five people together - all of the same race. How will the members of those respective teams show racism? They can't. They're all the same. Now IF they had four members of one ethnic group, teamed up with one member of a different ethnic group, then the potential for racism could appear. It would be an interesting social experiment to see whether or not the losing team would choose the "different" team member to be voted out first.

As anyone who watches the show knows, in a few weeks these segregated tribes will be combined - first into two tribes, then eventually into one. Then the whole segregation aspect is gone and forgotten anyway. On another note, isn't the breakdown of segregation what our society should strive for anyway?

I don't believe that by placing several people of the same ethnic group together, that you can turn them into racists. And if you can't, then I believe that the concept is not a form of racism.

Is it segregation? Sure, that can't be denied. But is it racist? Personally, I don't think so.

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Blogger PJ said...

I have been particularly irritated with all of the hype behind the current Survivor! Why is everyone considering this racism? It is just another way to separate a group of people. I am, actually, more offended by men vs. women or young vs. old. Why are those separations not an issues also? Just because they are separated is not labeling one better than the other etc. I feel like I'm pretty open minded (ie...not racist, although I know that is a very tentative statement) and I have been completely stunned at how EVERYONE is all jazzed up about this. Anyway...

I am reading a "Jen" book...Erin mailed me "Bitter is the New Black" and it is so fun. Cory is always asking what I'm giggling about. I highly recommend it.

It's Ethnic Fest in TR this weekend, which means that I will be at Kurtz's drinking Long Island Iced Teas all evening and be ready to be put to bed by approx. 10 pm. The way the last day or two is going...I may be "ready for bed" by 8 pm. Cheers!

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You did two entries yesterday. Well I did three today! Ha!

Boy power?

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Blogger Greg Pagel said...

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Blogger Greg Pagel said...

I almost never watch reality shows. I've seen part of Survivor twice, part of Big Brother once, and I've seen the Amazing Race a few times. This is the first I've heard of this "Segregation Island" thing.

Here's my first thougt. Given this county's history, I find such cavalier use of the term "segregation," let alone it's actual practice, even in a "game," extremely alarming.

Think about Jackie Robinson. Or when Benny Goodman hired Teddy Wilson and Lionel Hampton to play in his band. Or when Nat King Cole had his TV show. These are people who took REAL risks, to chip away at the "color barrier." Now some white network executives decide, "hey! Let's split the black guys from the white guys and make a few extra million bucks."

I don't think you can make "gameshow segregation" illegal, but this just shows that Corporate America will NEVER voluntarily choose morality over profit. Is this REALLY what America needs right now? A healthier premise would have been to create some sort of scenario in which participants of different race or background have to cooperate in orger to succeed. In fact, isn't that what Survivor was sort of like before? Maybe that was it's only redeeming quality. Well, it's gone now. Not financially feasible.

Yes, it's a game. Who's playing? Who's getting played?

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