Thursday, August 24, 2006

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. -Dr. Suess

I realized yesterday after leaving the Walrus a comment about being a slacker that there's a saying about a pot and a kettle and whatnot so here I am.

I survived my 35th (!!!!) birthday. How did I get to be a 35 year old person! I remember helping my mom get ready for her 20th class reunion (which is only 3 years away people) and thinking she was SO OLD. Gah! Woe is me. I had a fabulous chocolate cake, chased by diet coke of course, had a great race and watched my girls fly through their first true triathlons. They did great and more importantly they were smiling the whole time. (I believe they were both the first girls to finish in their age groups but in keeping with the spirit of PARTICIPATION they didn't rank the finish....whatever.) Hopefully I'll get some pictures posted in the next few days. My race report is down below...

I have to tell you all about a book I'm reading and the corresponding website. As a wannabe writer/photojournalist I love that some people are getting published as a result of their blogs. There are some really good writers out there (1989 blog is a perfect example) that would have likely gone unnoticed 10 years ago. The book is called "Bitter is the New Black" written by Jen Lancaster and is basically a memoir of the worst 2 years of her life while living in Chicago. But she is SO funny and like she says....don't mess with the funny. The funny in her book is largely in the footnotes. I've laughed at just about every page and it's been a challenge to find something to laugh at in my life lately. Check out her website:

Alligator Creek Race Report:
Overcast skys, foggy, humid but only in the 80s. Bike racked and set up by 6:20am. 300 or so racers milling about and a fair number of STL tri club jerseys. It's fun to know people at these things. Ran into Tori who I expect to push me today...she beat me by 30 seconds last race. But she starts 30 seconds behind me today (our swim is the same pace) so if I can just stay in front of her for the race I'm good! I had an hour before the start so I laced up and ran for about 15 min to get my legs loosened up and then warmed up in the pool. Listened to last minute announcements and lined up in numerical order according to our swim times. I was # 030. started the swim exactly on time and didn't pass anyone in the pool but didn't get passed either. Run from the pool to the bike racks, shoes, helmet, race number and sunglasses and off I go...right next to Tori. She always transitions faster than me and I even skipped socks this time! My bike is stronger so I left her behind pretty quick but at about mile 2 we got stopped by a TRAIN! So she caught me again and we lost about 1 min. I shot out ahead again after Tori reminded me I jinxed us by saying I didn't get stuck by a train last year so I wasn't worried about it. Ack. Bike went well.... ADHD Stu done good. My race is never without a bizarre moment though...I rode past a pack...a gaggle...of wild turkeys!!! There were about 8 of them all clumped together in the middle of the road. My glasses were so fogged up from the humidity that I wasn't sure what they were at first. I could have stuck my foot out and kicked them. I thought they were scared of people so I was sort of worried I'd startle them and they'd fly at me or get stuck in my bike! THAT would have been an interesting story! Feathers everywhere!!! Here's how I picture the exchange:

Tri club member: Heard you took a spill on the bike...get run off the road by ignorant drivers? Blow a tire?
Me: attacked by wild turkeys!!!

As expected I got lots of encouragement from all who passed me. And overall there were at least 75. :) But I did pass a few myself. Back into T2, socks and shoes on, sunglasses OFF (I can SEE!) and helmet off. I'm running out of transition!!! Last year I couldn't start running right away (and it was downhill!!!) I was so toast from the hills. I run past Tori coming in about 2 minutes behind me. No walking for me or she'll catch me!! Such a hilly course tho. First two miles are basically straight uphill. Finished strong....7 minutes faster than last year! (Not counting the lost time due to LONG train) Finishing time: 1:44 and change. 12th in my age group, 32nd out of 88 women. And Tori didn't catch me on the run. So I know she'll be after me next time!

Happy Thursday!



I suppose this means I need to do a new blog entry myself today. I'll see what I can whip up.

Thanks for the kind words. I've been told that someday I'm going to be discussing my blog on TV. I just hope it's not in front of a bunch of reporters, facing question about a lawsuit that's been filed against me.

Congrats on the strong finish! Bettering your time from the previous year is deserving of a BIG kudos. It's perfect that it happened the day after your birthday. That's called getting better with age - like fine wine, or former Brewer Paul Molitor.

They say 35 is the new 27. Yes, that's what they say. I'll find out myself in 32 days.

8:34 AM  

P.S. Great quote from the good doctor!

8:35 AM  
Blogger Brad Strouf said...

Great entry kiddo!

I too admire the quote...Dr. Suess rules.

Good job on the finish, I'm impressed and now feel like I need to start running again...sigh.

Burt's gonna be 35 in 32 hell with him.

11:17 AM  

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