Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Ack. I had a post all ready to go and it disappeared. so here's the short version

*Insurance companies suck; big reason today is b/c they outsource their provider relations to INDIA where speaking English does not seem to be a prerequisite to employment.

*I found a great new blog called the "Fat Cyclist". I'll add it to the list on the right. Here's an example: Riding with Darth Vader
The first mile or two of the race are all climbing on graded dirt road, which is a good place to pass a few people. Then you’re on tight singletrack for miles and miles and you pretty much can count on being with the group you’re with for a while.
I, as near as I could tell, was riding directly in front of Darth Vader.
I didn’t dare look back to tell if he was wearing the mask and black cape, because I figured he’d stick a light saber in my spokes or something, but I knew it was Darth Vader from the loud breathing. Kkkkrrreeehhhh….kkkkrrooohhh. Kkkkrrreeehhhh….kkkkrrooohhh. Regular as clockwork.
“Good day for a bike ride this is,” I said, in my best Yoda voice.
Darth Vader didn’t get it.

*Rode monday night- had a great time. Hung with the peloton for the first 6 miles and hit 27.7 mph (flat-not downhill) Yeehaw! Turned a corner and was dropped like a bad habit. Picture above is an example of my alone time. Corn and more corn.

My temp reads 96. That means hills at dusk for me. Swim tomorrow.

Holy crap Lance Bass is gay. Was I the only one who didn't see that coming?


Blogger PJ said...

I saw that recently too about Lance Bass....never would have guessed it.

5:09 PM  
Blogger Brad Strouf said...

Couple of thoughts, I read the "fat cyclist" reminded me of reading "The Onion". Not that it's good or bad, just an observation.

Lance Bass being gay surprised me about as much as the sun coming up in an hour and half will surprise me. Yes, it's a bit cynical, but come on...this really surprises anyone??

Now, I'm not homophobic, so please don't take offense. Maybe it's just that I couldn't actually, at this moment name a song they sing...and I'm not really too ashamed to admit that, but whatever, good for him if he's happy and if it stops this band from creating more music, good for all of us.

There you have my crabby, just got done with a very hot, humid, sweaty shift response to Lance Bass getting more media attention.

Incidentally, Erin, I am terribly impressed with your blog entry quotes. And, that I mean sincerely. The bumblebee areodynamic thing is absolutely true, and something I've discussed, sometimes in vain, many, many times.

4:01 AM  

"and if it stops this band from creating more music, good for all of us."

That made me laugh out loud. As Homer Simpson once said, "It's funny cuz it's true!"

Note to bloggers and commenters - if you make a long entry, ALWAYS copy it before you try to publish it. Because blogger screws up a lot. And if you try to back page, it's almost always gone. So it's best to be safe.

I met Darth Vader at Coppes back around 1979 or so. He seemed nice. But he didn't say anything. What a mob scene that was.

9:35 AM  
Blogger Brad Strouf said...

I am honored beyond comprehension that something I wrote was compared to a Homer Simpson quote...My kids will be so proud. Thanks Burt, you made my day.

9:45 AM  

I'll be dogged. In addition to any Star Wars quote, you can also find any Simpsons quote on the internet.

From the episode entitled "Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment"

10:11 AM  
Blogger Brad Strouf said...

One of the few seasons I don't own on far one of my favorite all time shows.

10:50 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

Screw you Brad...and Burt!! I mean that in jest, but I did enjoy NSync...Mac loved it when he was about 3-4 yrs old and I admit...I jammed along a more than a bit. Does that make me a dork? Yes, but just because they were a boy band, doesn't make the music my opinion. Besides, now....Justin is "bringing sexy back". That's the title of his newest song (I think) again....SCREW YOU! Ha Ha.

6:38 PM  
Blogger mimikatemom said...

Cartman: "Screw you guys - I'm goin' home"

10:03 PM  

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