Thursday, June 22, 2006

“Pain lasts for a moment. Surrender lasts forever.” -Lance Armstrong

Log: 6:00am Thurs. 3000 yards, 9am Sat morning 36+ miles group ride-VERTICALLY, 3pm tuesday-4miles treadmill. Disaster of a ride Sat. underlined my need for a recovery week. I put over 75 miles on my bike last week. So not much in the log. It's also been over 100degrees here for the last few days.

I've been lazy about posting...but Lisa sent me a great comment that encouraged me to continue so here I am with a hodge-podge (?) of thoughts rattling around in my brain.

The morning radio guys I listen to were talking about a story involving a little girl who came out of a coma when her mom played her favorite song to her. Then they all gave their idea about what song they would want people to play to bring THEM out of a coma (101.1 the River). Got me thinking about what song might bring ME out of a coma. It would probably have to be my all time fav "What a Wonderful World". What about you?

My dad got his first hole in one on Tuesday. Go DAD!!!

I'm re-reading Lance Armstrong's book, "It's Not About the Bike". It's about how he got his start and how he got through his bout with cancer. He's a little bit of an egomaniac but his passion for life gets me fired up and it's an interesting read. Especially if you know someone fighting cancer. I can't seem to find any good books lately. Any ideas? Keep in mind...I'm not big into murder, mystery, or sci fi.. However, after reading Greg's blog I might try Blankets.

Morgan and I are heading to Glenwood Springs, CO for my cousin's wedding this weekend. I get to spend 3 uninterrupted days with my girl. How awesome is that!?

So, the bike ride last Sat.. There's a group that goes long (30-60miles) every weekend and I'd been trying to fit that in and this is how it was advertised last week. "It's going to be hot so let's ride the hills in the SHADE! Route is 31-41 miles....pick your distance." Sounds good right? SHADE? In MO? I'm there! I've been tackling the hills lately....I'm BAD and I"m ready! Ha! The only thing good I can say is that the heat that usually does me in was the least of my problems that day. It usually takes me 4-5miles to get the legs warmed up and the lactic acid build up flushed out. I looked at my computer at mile 6 and thought, Oh no....this is going to go from bad to worse. And I have no idea where I am (I did have a cue sheet which is a list of all the turns...but no map) so I better just suck it up and pedal. A friend that I ride with, Jeff, is training for Ironman Australia in Nov.. so he needed to spend about 7 hours in the saddle that day. He rode about 30 miles and met up with the group....was going to take it easy and pull for me during the ride and then ride the 30 miles or so home. Thank goodness he was there ( and does this ride every tues apparantly with the roadie snobs) and was willing to literally tell me what to expect as we rode up to every hill. I had to get OFF my bike and WALK 2 hills or I actually would have rolled backwards down the hill. Now, I feel like I'm in fairly decent shape...aerobically at least. This just kicked the s**t out of me. For 2 1/2 hours I fluctuated between trying not to cry and wanting to lie down and take a nap. Near the end, I was struggling on Jeff's wheel grinding up another hill that took almost 5 minutes to climb, he took a phone call on his cell and was just chatting away. F**K! (I don't cuss often but that was a popular word for me that day) I hurt from my ears to my ankles. BUT, I didn't give up. I finished it. I was never so happy to see a parking lot in my life. And I pushed the limits. I didn't enjoy it but I went further than I thought I could. It was a sufferfest....but when I didn't have to doubt whether I could do it anymore...that singleminded focus turned out to be extremely cleansing. No room to stress about money, kids, life. Sometimes it's playing, sometimes it's just an escape. Life is good.

Occasionally, my best girls and I write a list of 10 things we're greatful for at that moment. Stay tuned...I'll try and post one before the end of the day.


Blogger the_meff said...

I'll see what I can do about your literary needs. As much as I crave sci-fi, I don't read it as slavishly as would be expected. However, I've been where you are ("which rock are all the good books hidden under?!) so here goes:

1. It's summer. Try Ray Bradbury's DANDELION WINE. Though a national treasure in the sci-fi world, this wistful book has nary a peep of otherworldly elements. Just one particular summer in the life of a 12 year old kid. As an ex-Karptowner, you should dig it.

2. Perhaps a little Carl Hiassen? He's a loopy Floridian who writes goofy crime stories (NOT mysteries). Quirky characters abound, his plots are insane, BUT he has a point. He's always out to save the Florida he knows and loves from being savaged by developers, Disney demons, and the tourist infestation. In his canon, I'd try LUCKY YOU, STORMY WEATHER, or HOOT. Beware! Hiassen's addicting as hell!

3. This is going back a bit but summer always makes me want to read F. Scott Fitzgerald. I'm sure you, like many of us, were force-fed Gatsby in school. However, you'll never have a more deeply personal relationship with a book as one can with THIS SIDE OF PARADISE or TENDER IS THE NIGHT. Romantic without being sap, tragic without being sentimental.

4. Briefly, a few authors of interest: Paul Auster, John Irving (avoid his new one at all costs, though), Kurt Vonnegut, Raymond Carver (short stories that fire bullets of truth into your head and heart), and Garrison Keillor (again, as a fellow Karptowner, I think you'll dig his stuff).

So there we go. Any of these work for ya', let me know at

Happy reading, ma'am!

1:49 AM  
Blogger the_meff said...

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1:50 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

You totally made me giggle with your description of your ride...and the cussing...I couldn't believe those words were being typed by your fingers, let alone had passed your lips! Maybe you've been hanging around me too long, huh?

You know that ride happened for a you know you're tougher than you thought you were and I know that you know you're quite "tough". I'm proud of you.

Thanks for the giggle tonight...had a totally shitty weekend camping...MHIAA. That is an acronoym I made up...I never know what the common ones are, so I'm making one of my own up...see if you can figure it out. I'll email with more details.

I enjoyed your list...I'd have to dig way too deep for one today...maybe by mid week.

Love ya.

9:45 PM  

I think I figured out the acronym. I don't think he is. Then again, I didn't go camping with him.

9:12 AM  
Blogger Brad Strouf said...

I figured it out too...and, I'm one as well.

6:25 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

I didn't think that my acronym was so transparent. Oh well...

We'll just say that my husband doesn't do camping well. He knows I'm a blabber mouth and said, "I suppose you had a field day telling everyone what an asshole I was camping." As a matter of fact, yes I did.

We have another outing planned in a month or so...we'll see if we go as a family of 4 or 5.

10:14 PM  

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