Saturday, June 03, 2006

In the Absence of Talent There Is No Substitute for Preparation - J. Bingham

Ok, I’m ready. Water temperature 77 degrees. Sunny and about 85. Perfect. Exactly a week early. Chances of getting two Saturday mornings with sun and low humidity in June in MO…..exactly zero. Hard as I might try…just can’t control the weather.
Lake swim went fine….turns out I can swim in a straight line without a black line on a bottom of the pool to guide me. What is sort of odd is finding myself in a rather large and deep body of water with NOTHING to hang onto. That can be unnerving and for a few seconds I was heading towards panic. But then I remembered…I don’t have to SWIM….I could float if I had to. Crisis averted. Silly, I know.
Bike is getting easier probably because I know where the hills are. My ride is making funny noises…not going to mess with it until after next weekend though. My bike computer quit today too so I couldn’t tell my pace or distance. But I’m pretty sure we rode the real course today after our little detour last weekend. Hopefully that’s just a battery issue. 30 minute run went great…and I don’t get to say that often. That’s usually where my wheels come off. So that’s basically my race. My goal for the first of this year is to finish without walking. Would be nice to finish in the top half of my age group (35-39!!!!!) but that’s a secondary goal. I’ll let you know! There might even be pictures. I may not be talented but I will be prepared :)

My daughters asked me today if it was summer yet and I explained that it was still three weeks away but it can feel like summer. So I asked, “what makes it feel like summer to them?” We decided it’s the smells like sunscreen and fresh cut grass. It’s also when my little hillbillies quit wearing shoes and rough up the bottoms of their soft little feet. What makes it feel like summer to you?


Blogger the_meff said...

Since my film projects are giving me nothing but grief, I'm going after the brass ring a bit myself this summer...

I'm writing a novel and a musical for the stage.

My family and friends, as per usual, think I'm unhinged.

To which I say..."Perfect! Must be worth doing!"

The crux of this post is...your blog has so far proven really inspirational for me. Because there's no way a putz like me, a father of two, a full time IT dude, could possibly complete a 300 plus page SF book AND a piece of musical theater which happens to star a dancing and singing gaggle of telekenetic alien spiders, right?

I dunno' who this Bingham feller is but preach to me, sista', I dig what I'm hearin'!

12:27 AM  
Blogger the_meff said...

By the way, summer, to me, would be a burger from Rusty's Drive-In or Mr. G's/Y-Go-By/Joy's...

...but Rusty's is long gone and Joy's just ain't the same anymore since the remodeling...

...and the sun sets over T'rivers...

12:30 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

Rusty's...OMG, I totally forgot about that place. Funny.

Summer to me....I'd agree with your little "hillbillies" Erin...the smell of sunscreen, sound of lawn mowers and sunshine.

10:57 PM  

Summer is:

Leaving the bedroom window open all night.
Wearing shorts while walking the dog at night.
Miller Park
Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day getaways
Outdoor get togethers

8:40 AM  
Blogger mimikatemom said...

Hey Jeff,
Glad to hear from you. Keep pushing your "comfort zone" and great things are bound to happen! Granted dancing alien spiders aren't the usual fare but I remember this tiny little musical about cats.....
I think alot of people have "write a book" on their list of things to do before they die...I know I do. Good for you for being more than just talk. I'll be there for the book signing/release party. 2007?

John Bingham proved to be very influential in helping me find something besides my children to be passionate about. He wrote a book called The Courage To Start...which is about life and choices and accepting who you are but not being afraid to take chances because you think you might not be good enough. Just an average guy who wrote a book that resonated within me at a time when I was looking for "something". Hope to hear from you again!

2:31 PM  
Blogger Brenda said...

Hi Erin,

In case you are wondering where your Courage to Start book is...I have it. I started reading it a while back when you loaned it to me and now I started reading it again. I hope that is ok. I will get it to you when I see you next. Enjoy your warm weather!!!

9:31 PM  
Blogger mimikatemom said...

Keep it Brenda! :) Or pass it along to someone who might like it. It's probably the third one I've bought.

11:40 AM  

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