Saturday, May 20, 2006

"The miracle isn't that I finished, it's that I had the courage to start!" -J. Bingham

I've been reading about the nutrition aspects of effective training and keep gravitating to the news that chocolate milk is a good recovery drink. Amen!!!! I just gave it a try....we'll see how long it takes for my superpowers to return. I think I'll make this little diary a bit of a training log as well, because to be honest, I don't have all that much to say. But as is common behavior of tri-geek, I can always talk about my training (or my bike)!!! This morning I had the pleasure of heading out to HILLY Innsbrook for a little bike/run brick. Was a beautiful morning and I was solo on this particular morning. Spent about 50minutes on the bike....mostly in granny gear spinning up some big hills. But what comes up, must come down and that's the fun part. The force of gravity exerted upon my significant mass allows me to exceed those limits with little effort on the downhill. (fun!!!) The sun came out as I was changing into my running shoes and after 30 minutes up and down some more hills, I headed home. All this in preparation for a race on June 10th including my first open water swim.
My goal with these "races" is to "finish on my feet". I'll never win any races or even come close. But I truely love pushing my muscles and mind to see how far they will take me. It is my play time. Swimming, riding and running remind me of being a kid. And there are all shapes and sizes and every single person out on the course on any particular day is happy and smiling just to be there. It's contagious! As adults, we rarely hear, "great job, good effort, hang in there", or my favorite, "looking good!" (because I know for a fact that when I'm tired and hot I look like HELL). But I guarantee if you have a race number pinned to your chest you'll hear all kinds of encouragement. Give it a try....dare ya. Oh, and there's always free food at the finish...and sometimes beer. Another good recovery drink.



Well put. See, you've got plenty to stay!

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