Thursday, June 22, 2006

"If you don't consciously prepare yourself each day to practice wonder and joy, you get really good at practicing stress and pain and anger and fear:"

That's from O Magazine....I don't know who wrote it. But here's my list!

1. Air Conditioning
2. Magazines
3. Girlfriend get togethers
4. spending time alone with my oldest
5. the dress I’m wearing to the wedding (halter-v.cute)
6. my good camera wasn’t broke, just bad film
7. hair highlights…I’m sorta blonde again
8. the XM comedy channel on satellite radio & old Richard Pryor stuff
9. when Kate offers to make me chocolate milk…she’s makes the BEST!
10. my clean, sun-kissed sleeping babies after swimming ALL day

Have a fabulous weekend!!!!



I think that quote is from Yoda. My list:

1. A cool job.
2. The mini-fan that blows on me.
3. The internet.
4. E-mail.
5. Timeshares.
6. Online pals.
7. Sirius.
8. Easy bedtime for kids.
9. Cold soda.
10. Warm meals.

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