Monday, November 05, 2007

Day 5: The One Where I Ran My A$$ Off All Day

Seriously. Enough with the neverending list of things to do.

So, *sigh*. Big news forthcoming. But until then...

I am hosting another girl scout meeting tomorrow. It will be very lame and I will explain how my meeting idea got pimped tomorrow I suppose. But you all remember what happened LAST TIME I HOSTED A MEETING.


So, since it's Monday, not Tuesday, like I's the mother, sister, wife, daughter I want to be when I grow up. So beautifully human, that one.
A few of my favorites...


I read this on a very pivotal day...and I will be forever grateful for the laughter through tears on that morning.


And for good mommies everywhere in charge of the wind and the rain and the sun that turns into our precious children...


My butts goin to bed. I have glue to sniff tomorrow night.

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Blogger JJ said...

Ahhhh. Thanks for the birth control.

7:29 PM  

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