Sunday, February 17, 2008

Last time I checked, Korea is STILL not in Iowa

I am more sad and scared and anxious that my body can handle I'm afraid. That usually means change is coming.

This anxiety and uncertainty makes me look inward too much and I have a thank you to write that is SO long overdue.

My far away sister friend Jen, sent the three parts of the sister square a fantastic package for Christmas. The contents were amazing...some "smell good" for my skin, some awesome lip stuff, a pair of socks with a NO FARTING symbal (for hashing, obviously) and a perfect scarf that when I wear it feels like a hug. Thank you love, I hope you know how much I appreciated it, and how often I think of you.

Come back soon?



Blogger JJ said...

I miss you too!!! I'm glad you like the stuff. It's hard to find fun/practical items that aren't tacky or too heavy to mail.

Another one from Thailand will be on the way shortly....

Sigh. I am counting the days. I feel lost without you guys.

Much love to you, sister friend.

10:48 PM  

That girl is cute!

10:53 PM  
Blogger bstrouf said...

"Last time I checked, You have STILL not posted in March"

10:19 PM  
Blogger bstrouf said...

"Last time I checked, Erin is
STILL not posting"

9:01 PM  

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