Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day 20: Why do you hate, Fatty?

Well, I know that looks bad. But one of my favorite sport bloggers calls himself Fatty and his blog title is Fat Cyclist. And I'm going to call him Fatty too...not because he's fat, [he's not, unless you're an elite cyclist...which he's NOT] and I'm jealous because when he throws words around, people [like cycling apparel shops whose stuff is usually way out of my price range] send him FREE STUFF. Which, in all honesty he usually gives away, but STILL.

His blog has a fun boys-club feel and the places he does his thing make for incredible photos. And never fails to remind me why I have stayed off the singletrack. I need my clavicles intact should I decide to actually get in the pool again this winter. right. soon.

I liked this open letter to triathletes. Not everyone is a fan, apparently. [I'm pretty sure his tongue was firmly in cheek here...]

In other news...I will be having a guest blogger on Friday! One of my favorites from the hasher family has graciously offered to lend his talents while I'm internet challenged and quite possibly hungover.

Happy Tuesday!

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