Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day 17: Ummm....yeah.



Roughly 7.5 miles.

Total time on trail: 1:50. Average heart rate over that time: 174. Maximum heartrate: 196. So. Yeah.

I'm pretty sure there was gorgeous scenery. Beautiful cliffs and bluffs looking out over the Mississippi River through trees and a kalidoscope of red, orange and yellow leaves. Fresh air.

I have never seen anything like that in my life. Hills. Leaves up to mid calves, hiding holes, rocks and roots of huge trees. One foot in front of the other. I discovered it's more efficient to "march" and sort of chop-step up vertical hills rather than stride.


Every year during this race, a guy sits on top of one of the huge rocks at one of the steeper parts that is usually covered with wet leaves, snow or ice...sometimes all three. He rings a bell and keeps a talley [by yelling] of the number of people [out of 600] who have fallen in that spot. Betsy said she was number 116 last year.

There was fellow hasher there, 15+ years older than me...early on we were "chatting" [grunting one syllable words] and he said "It's not so much running as it is 'up-tempo' hiking." "Ugh", I said.

Scary thing? Check.

You know how you can see the trail? How the leaves are green and still on the trees? Today...not so much.

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I honestly don't know how you do it. I really don't. Kudos to you and your abilities.

Oh, and you may be sore tomorrow.

9:28 PM  

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