Friday, November 23, 2007

Day 23: Black Friday

Thanks Halley! Much love!

Wow this is it. I made it big time. I am typing a guest blog for thee Erin Meara. This feeling must be comparable to a stay at home mother having a personal recipe published in a Martha Stewart cookbook. Yay me!!!

Well, it is Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Some will say that this is Black Friday… I however call this date - November 23rd. The next Holiday will be Christmas…. if you celebrate that day. Luckily I personally do celebrate this holy day, so everyone please send me a gift.

One would think that Christmas occurred on Thanksgiving Day in the manner stores have been advertising their Christmas figurines and accessories. My mind cannot remember witnessing a display of paper pilgrims and turkeys this year at a local store. (I guess I have seen this at a hunting store I recently visited though.) Heck, if you want to experience Thanksgiving decorations, one must visit a local grade school. I am sure that we all have made Pilgrim people sometime in our life…. and teachers are still making students do it.

Speaking of decorations, I have seen Christmas decorations for sale since Halloween!!! It is just not right seeing Saint Nichols statues standing next to the Grimm Reaper. This is like cutting grass at an Amish cemetery with a gas lawn mower. It just ain’t right.

The best day to look forward to after Christmas is simply the day after Christmas!! Why one may ask? Last year I went to the local Wally World after Christmas and could not believe the number of people returning their Christmas Trees. I did not think that Wal-Mart would accept Christmas Trees as returnable items but they were doing it. I guess that Wal-Mart never deviates from their slogan, “We will take anything back, no questions asked.” I know that this is true as there is a Hasher here in Saint Louis employed at a Wal-Mart. People have returned items with Garage/Yard Sale stickers placed firmly on the items!! Even though Wal-Mart does not sell that particular brand of product, and there is no receipt… she is forced to accept it and refund the customer money that a similar item does cost.

Well, I had better get to work. There is nobody here today. I am hoping to get off early.

Halley’s Comet

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Blogger Jeff said...

We Jews get a particularly sublime chortle at the poor sods scurrying about on the aptly named Black Friday.

By the way, "cutting the grass in an Amish cemetery with a gas mower" is the cleverest line I've read this quarter. And this includes works by Mark Twain, Michael Chabon, and Garrison Keillor. Well met, ma'am!

3:07 PM  

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