Thursday, December 11, 2008

The one that put Clark Griswald to shame....

Surprise! Something new!

I'm still alive. Although this stupid weather it doing it's best to give me a stroke and fill me with HATE. So, I thought I'd bundle up and spend more than three hours outside in the cold darkness last night. But there was beer and a TRAIN! and cookies so all was well.

Anyway, here's a photo essay of the debauchery in which I partook. (I just made up my own semantics right there)

Theme was a Christmas Light hash. In which we would be taking in all the urban tackiness of the holiday season. While wearing red Santa hats. One would think we would like our eyes to be OPEN to observe said tackiness but NO! not hashers. We will take our dose of visual christmas cheer thru mostly closed eyelids, thankyouverymuch.

[if that doesn't make the picture to make it larger]

Obilgatory pre-run my left is friend Jen who long ago went to KOREA and has returned briefly only to leave again for Canadia. No fair, eh? Note she has both beer and pumpkin schnapps in hand. In my opinion, schnapps should come with a Z-pack prescription because one of the rules of schnapps is that it must be drunk (erm drank?) straight from the bottle therefore harboring the germs of all those who are present. So, eww.

First stop is the home of the hare for tonight's trail. Backyard bonfire and games were promised. I learned that one good way to keep grownups occupied for the better part of 45 minutes is to hide 6 superballs in a huge pile of leaves and make them find them IN THE DARK and promise them a stupid prize. Worked like a charm. [And I am still not sure there were actually SIX in the pile because I didn't find ANY. *ahem*]

Anyone recognize the lamp in the front window? Bonus points and stupid prize if you do. You win all TEN hashers plus the pooch who made themselves at home on the lawn of the presumably very hip folks who own the lamp. I heard the lamps go for like $1500 on ebay. There is no end to the tackiness that can be found in the Lou.

Sober as the day is long, I'm sad to say. And on my computer it looks strangely like I'm holding Derek's head in my outstretched left hand. I am not.

Me being unbelievably witty and pretending to pull out the Bumble's teeth. Remember? The misfit elf, who wanted to be a dentist, pulled them out so he wouldn't be so scary? I for one felt that he should be without his teeth but at this point no one was listening to me because there was food. So I figured I'd take care of the teeth myself. WITTY!

Bumbles bounce!!

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