Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lazy summer giggles...

ANYWAY. I have said before that I think I may have been a Sassy Southern Girl in a previous life. Assuming you, and I for that matter, believe in that sort of thing. Case in point, down there in Looo-siana they do. And the voices in my head [yes, plural] tend to have a southern drawl. And I'm pretty sure they wear big floppy hats and get bad case of the vapors on occasion.

So, imagine my GLEE in discovering THIS lovely blog. I've already added her to my list of people to stalk when I become independently wealthy, or win a million dollars in Vegas this weekend. [VEGAS BA-BEEEE!] I think she should be on your list too.

[gotta go in a little deeper than her most recent my previous post says, "the world does not stop for your grief". ] So sit back, grab a glass of wine and prepare to giggle your fool head off.

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Blogger Gregg said...

I just clicked over to Miss Doxie and poked around a bit, and will most definitely be going back to read more.

I didn't giggle though, because I'm not sure if I'm allowed to. I did, however, chuckle quite a bit.

She looks to be ridiculously talented with words.

Now...about the whole Vegas thing. I'm so so SOOO jealous! I'm not going back until June. JUNE!! Have you seen a calendar lately? Do you know how freakin' far away June is??

I think I'm gonna go pout.

Have an outrageous time, E! :O)

6:23 PM  

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