Friday, March 14, 2008

PSA: Please take a minute...

This video made my day.

Can You Pass The Test?

Gonna put rubber to the road shortly...

Watch for me.

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Snow + dirt + 50 degrees = SHOE SUCKING MUD

[Giggle] Played in the mud today.

Ran downhill in the mud, ran uphill in the mud. Ran sideways on mud. And busted my ass.

Jumped over a particularly large puddle and landed in the mud. And the mud ATE MY SHOES. BOTH OF THEM. I literally came out of my shoes. And walked uphill in muddy socks. Had to sit down to remove a handful of razor sharp *burrs* before I could put my muddy socks in my muddy shoes. And mud is HEAVY y'all.

And then we crossed a crystal clear creek. THREE times. Which is why in this picture, my shoes look partly clean on top.

There were two best parts. The sun poked out right before the hash started and I didn't have to wear gloves for the first time since, like, November.

And even better...there were I dunno...12 people at the run today. And I was the second YOUNGEST ONE THERE. Or all but one was older than I.

Fountain of youth, my friends.

Playing outside.

Find the time.

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